Jim Hulse 2011 Holy Loch Trip


Our Super Canopus Lifer Jim Hulse (BMSN - 1974-1976 - 3rd Division Small Boats) made a trip to Holy Loch in the Summer of 2011.  Here is the text of his email:


I have recently returned home from a trip to SITE 1, Sandbank, Holy Loch, Scotland. Thought I send you an email with some updated pictures of what the area looks like today. Also found out from the Holy Loch marina, that the old pontoons that are sitting next to Ardnadam Pier are the only thing left behind after the Navy left and are slowly rusting away. I attached a picture of a red rose I left in the water in remembrance of our being there.



Also hope everyone remembers Lorenzo’s Fish and Chip shop. The Launderette is still across the street. Most the shops have new tenants. The good old Sinbad’s is still there where I stopped in for a pint of Guinness. When I walked in wearing my Canopus cap, I received many hugs and stories of how much we are missed there. Hope you enjoy the pics. Oh and a two master tall ship dropped anchor in middle of Loch on the site where we sat.


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