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In the late Summer of 2008, a new trend began for the Association.  Shipmates, already lifetime members, started to send in additional funds to help the ongoing needs of the Association.  They understand that the Canopus is on a new mission: keeping the memory of the ship alive in the coming years and decades.

This web page will recognize their contribution and upholding of our ship's motto: "Ready to Serve, Ready for Service"



On July 14, 2008, Tim Bever gave $100 to the Association. Tim was a Machinist Mate 2nd class in Repair Department Shops 38C & 56B from 1974-1975.


You can read the letter that accompanied his check here:


On December 17, 2010, Tim donated another $100 to the Association along with his Ship's Store order.  Here is the letter that was enclosed:


On April 20, 2012, Tim donated another $100 to the Association along with his Ship's Store order.


On April 4, 2013, Tim donated yet another $100 to the Association!



Lee and Kelly Barratt gave $100 to the Association on August 18, 2008.  Kelly was a Lieutenant in the Supply S-7 from 1983-1985 and was the ADP Officer.

Lee has done so much on and for the Canopus that he has his own web page:


You can read his letter here:   


Lee and Kelly are also Plank Owners of the USS Canopus Model.


Unbelieveable, Jim Hulse gave $1,000 to the Association on September 16, 2008.  Jim was a Boatswain's Mate striker in Deck Department 3rd Division Small Boats from 1974-1976. 


  Jim at the 2008 reunion dinner.


At the 2008 reunion, Jim also became a Plank Owner of the USS Canopus Model.


Here are some photos of Jim's CANOPUS-ized car:




Jim also got a 36" model of the Canopus made. Click on the photo below to go

to the Motion Models website to see all the photos:



On March 29, 2012, Jim generously gave another $200 to the Association.



Commander David A. Gschwend became a Super Legacy Canopus Lifer in one fell swoop on November 3, 2011 by becoming a lifetime member; plank owner of the Canopus model the Association got made back in 2005; made a legacy gift of $100 and made a number of Ship's Store purchases.

Mr. Gschwend was a CWO3 on board the Canopus from 1973-1975 and was in X Division. You can read his amazing 34 year 11 month career in the Navy here:


He was a close shipmate of our fallen shipmate Ed Bartyzal (CWO4 - 1976-1979 - Division Officer Food Service - obit) when they served together on the USS Lewis and Clark SSBN 644 (blue crew).



Bobby Crawford was an ENC in A Division Internal Combustion Engine Shop from 1965 to 1969.  He and Sandy have been coming to many of the reunions since 2002 Biloxi.  Here is a photo of the two of them at 2010 Charleston reunion.



They volunteered to be my co-planners for the upcoming 2012 Branson reunion.  Instead of me flying out to Branson, they did the hotel visits for me; met with the sales staff; and helped me decide on the evening shows we will be attending. This saved the Association a lot of money.  If that is not enough, they just donated $100 to the Association as a legacy gift.


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