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Updated: 5/31/2019



2019 USS Canopus Reunion

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Security Violation!


Marines: Drop your socks, grab your weapons and man the new USS Canopus Association Marine Detachment webpage.


Our Marines are becoming more active in the Association and have sent in group photos.  I have decided to quarter them on the 2nd Deck just forward of the Mess Deck: 


Holy Loch Update


Our Super Canopus Lifer Jim Hulse recently decided he wanted a Guinness, so he left his home in Buffalo New York and went to Sinbad’s.


While there he took a few pictures to share with his shipmates. Click on plaque to go to his photo page:


Rota Harbor Update


A third pier was under construction in February 2009.

Fred Beebe (HT2 - 1976-1980 - R-1 Flex Hose and Pipe Shop) sent us a set of photos of the completed pier.


Not sure how he came by it.  When Ed Pado and I were there in 2009, we were told we may be shot if we were seen with a camera!


Rota Harbor Update

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by Everett M. Perry


Its weigh anchor for the Old Lady USS Canopus (AS-9).  GHOSTS OF CANOPUS is a 196 page picture-book about the USS Canopus (AS-9) and her crew as prisoners of war of the Japanese.

Ordering information, sample photos and a link to a 12 page PDF for closer examination of the quality of this publication is available by clicking here: 


A must for families and friends of the USS Canopus (AS-9), done as a professional labor of love.

E. Perry


Old Canopus Cruise Book


Amazing AS-9 cruise book of China, Japan and Philippines during the 1930's.

Although there a lots of pictures of the old Canopus, subs and other ships, some of pictures are disturbingly graphic depictions of the results of war and famine.


Click on photo to go to the webpage containing the slideshow:



Can't Get Enough of Canopus?


You been all through this website, looked for your buddies in the Shipmates List, spent days viewing all the Photos and Videos, and found your working compartment and bunk in the Blueprints.  Still need more Canopus?  


Jason Furtak (YNSN - 1992-1994 - XO Admin) has started a Facebook page that is going gangbusters.  You must have a Facebook account to view the contents.  Click here to get even more Canopus:



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