Official Homeport for Crewmembers of the AS-34 and AS-9


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Admiral John M. Barrett, USN (ret.)

Our first Commanding Officer

1920 - 2009



Richard Retin & Ed Pado

2009 Rota Trip Report


We got back from our trip to Rota and southern Spain on Friday, February 27, 2009.  Go to the travel blog I kept up during the trip to see where we went and what we did:  


As previously reported, all the American style bars are gone. The building that was once the Suzie bar and is now an ice cream and pastry store that has been rebuilt, but looks amazingly similar:


We were extremely lucky to find a Chief that works on the base and could be our escort. The Spanish military now totally run the base, and therefore we were highly restricted as to where we could go and the photos we could take. We could not go down to the pier area or to the air base. We could not even get into the Exchange to buy souvenirs. Therefore we have decided that it will not be practical to hold a reunion in Rota for the foreseeable future.


View my walk up San Fernando Ave. and a couple bar locations: 


Be a Rota Rooter again - Rota Bar Hostesses:  

Were you on the Canopus in 1987-1991?


If so, you need to checkout Tom Denton's scrapbook.  It has one of the best collection of crewmembers photos I have seen to date.  He had a eye for the ladies, so if you were one of the female crewmembers, your photo or one of your shipmates, may be there:

New Homeport for the USS CANOPUS Model

Canopus Lifer Ed Hamilton with Canopus Shipmate and Museum Manager John Crouse


Sadly, John passed away on Sept. 4, 2010.  Click here to read his obit:
Click on photo to go to St. Marys Submarine Museum Page

Make the Canopus Underway your computer desktop wallpaper:  

Canopus from the viewpoint of a SSBN:

Cruise Books: Our historical archives now has all 4 known cruise books.  Many thanks to Joe Midgette (EMFR - 1974-1976 - R-3 Rubber & Plastics Shop) for donating the previously missing "1975 That Championship Season" to the Assocation.


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