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General Plans Booklet


Thanks to shipmate Robert Mutnansky (DP3 - 1966-1967 - XD Division) the Association now has full set of ship blueprints.  You will be able to re-visit all your working and berthing compartments.  Enjoy your virtual tour of our ship!




Contract Plan Booklet


Super Canopus supporter, Tom Denton (ETC SS/SW - 1987-1991 - W-6 Weapons), has previously allowed free use of his Canopus watercolor print and provided a copy of his photo album to our Photos page.


Now he has donated an amazing 72 sheet Contract Plan Booklet to the Association.  Besides being able to see your working compartment layout, enter the Security Locker and walk past the Marine guard to see all those secret places in RC and Weapons without causing a security violation!


Of special interest is No. 10, showing missile, torpedo, and periscope handling with subs and TAK alongside!  So much so, the original blueprint had the broken lines and lettering redrawn and reproduced as a free handout at the 2010 reunion.





Plan No.


Tom has done a complete series of watercolor prints

of the Sub Force.   Click the Canopus print to go directly

to his website to order:



Did you live in base housing in Rota?  If so, check out the blueprint:   


Take a tour of the Photo Lab as of Dec. 1967:


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